Today’s FUEL – High Octane Chicken Curry

Deeply flavorful, rich and satisfying – this beautiful golden curry with potato, sweet potato, roasted vegetables and chicken breast is FUEL not only for the body, but for the mind, the heart and the soul!

Even though winter is over, it’s still Crock Pot season (because it’s always Crock Pot season – you can’t beat having amazing food with a minimum of effort). We’ve been putting together some crazy delicious, super-nutritious FUEL-worthy Crock Pot dishes. Here’s one that turned out even better than I hoped.

Actually, it’s two recipes in one – the Acorn Squash Soup that forms the base of the curry is, by itself, an incredible dish, and also a very healthy, recovery-friendly, easy food to keep around.  It freezes really well, too, so you can pre-prep it and keep it on hand if you want.

The full dish may sound somewhat complicated, but believe me, it’s really easy. There are a lot of ingredients, thus the apparent complexity – but when you put all this together it goes quickly (it helps to have the right tools…especially the Vitamix, and of course a nice big Crock Pot).  The nutrition profile for this is off the hook, too.  This is a food that will keep meat on your bones – that hard-fought-for muscle that makes you fast, strong and durable.

Of course, exceptional nutrition is only one of the requirements for our recipes. They also shouldn’t take a ton of time to prepare, shouldn’t be overly complex, they should not make a huge mess to clean up, and they shouldn’t take too long to write up (that last one’s not really a FUEL standard, I guess, but it sure should be).

I’d give this recipe an A- on complexity, only because there are so many ingredients, but an A+ on the rest. It’s quick to put together, but you do have to have some pre-prepped foods, all of which you should have around anyway. It doesn’t make a huge mess. There is a bit of a wait once you start cooking it (it’s a Crock Pot recipe, after all – that means throw it in and wait), but man, is it worth it.

I’m no expert on Indian food, and I don’t eat a ton of it, so I was a little skeptical that we could put together something that was nutritionally sound enough to meet the FUEL standards for a full meal dish and also have it come out tasting at least somewhat authentic.


Two cups, 500 calories, massive nutrition – serve this over rice, or just eat it by itself. It’s truly amazing and goes together really easily.

I’m happy to say we nailed it on both counts. Nutritionally, it doesn’t get any better than this. With lots of protein, lots of fiber, lots of high-quality complex carbs, more than the 100% of your Vitamins A and C, almost 2/3 of your total potassium requirement, and very low in fat, it delivers a ton of nutrition for a mere 253 calories per cupful.

While a cup is one serving, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t eat only a cup of this, even if I was eating it with sides like naan or salad – it’s so good I had two cups and wanted more when I was done. It’s so satisfying, though, that my appetite said, “I’m good,” and my stomach felt really nice and cozy after, so two cups is really the serving size. But, for 500 calories, you’re getting almost 30 grams of protein and more than 60 grams of high-end complex carbs – there’s a lot of bang for your calorie buck in this one.

Well lets get to it.  Here’s the recipe:

FUEL High Octane Chicken Curry

The Base: Acorn Squash Soup

1 whole Acorn Squash, cut in half and roasted for 30 minutes at 375

½ medium Onion

2 cups Chicken Broth

Juice of 1 Lemon

1 teaspoon raw Ginger (don’t use powdered ginger, would be terrible)

1 clove Garlic

Dash Sea Salt and Cayenne pepper

Scrape the squash out of its shells into the Vitamix. Combine remaining ingredients in the Vitamix and set it to Soup setting, if you have that setting (it’ll heat the soup up and cook it a little while it processes). Run it through the program, or for 5 to 8 minutes if you don’t have the Soup setting – until the soup is very smooth, liquid and hot.

The Curry:

1 14 oz. Light Coconut Milk

1 recipe quantity of Acorn Squash Soup, above

3 4-ounce Chicken Breasts, uncooked

4 medium Red Potatoes, raw

1 medium Sweet Potato, raw

1 medium Onion, chopped

2 cups Roasted Vegetables

1 tablespoon Curry Powder

Dash Sea Salt


Pour the Coconut Milk and Squash Soup into the Crock Pot. Add 3 or more 4-ounce Chicken Breasts (the nutrition analysis below is for 12 ounces of chicken). They don’t have to be thawed, they’ll thaw in the cooking process. Chunk up the Potatoes, Sweet Potato and Onion, and add them to the Crock Pot along with the Roasted Vegetables, Curry Powder and Sea Salt. Give the mixture a few stirs to incorporate everything and set your Crock Pot on High (to cook it all in 4 hours) or on Low (to cook it in 6 to 8 hours).

Just set it and go – no need to stir or do anything else. The chicken will break up when you give it a stir at the end. That’s one of the beauties of Crock Pot cooking – that and the amazing food that comes out of the thing.

This recipe will give you about 7 cups of curry – enough for two for dinner and plenty left over for meals the next day or two. Double the recipe and get perfect training and recovery food for the whole week! Here’s how perfect it is – this is for a two-cup serving:

Serving Size



% Fat

Sat. Fat







% Protein

Food Score

2 Cups













Macronutrient Breakdown (% Carb/Fat/Protein): 50/12/23

Vitamins and Minerals:  143% of your daily Vitamin A; 103% of your daily Vitamin C; 24% of your daily iron; 2,197 mg of potassium.

Let us know how yours turns out! -Jack

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